Jose Calderon Program Manager Chief Trainer
Jose Calderon was born and raised in Napa,CA. He was exposed to the chiropractic lifestyle at a very early age. He has been around chiropractic care all his life witnessing first hand the many benefits this profession provides. His first adjustment was when he was just three days old. He personally understands the many benefits of chiropractic care.

Jose graduated from Napa High school and then attended Napa Valley Junior College for two years. He transferred to San Jose State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film. His educational experience led him to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He lived in Los Angeles for about a year working as an extra in television. However, it was while working in Los Angeles, he realized something was missing in his life, that missing piece was his incredible family. After being home for about three months Jose’s father suffered a massive stroke and almost lost his life. This was a major life changing experience.

The impetus to become physically fit and strong stemmed from being dissatisfied with his overall health status from as early as high school. Witnessing his beloved father struggle with his own health recovery also propelled Jose in a different direction. After returning to Napa, he worked in the wine industry and in public relations. Feeling unfulfilled, he sought out opportunities more in line with his evolving personal growth and health philosophy.

Jose achieved a major fitness and health goal in June of 2013, when he embarked on a weight loss challenge with Newton’s Law of Fitness under the direction of Travis and Jaret Newton. Jose developed a new body, new energy, and set a new standard for himself and those around him. This experience was just what he needed to change direction and begin to lead others.Jaret Newton was well versed in the BStrong4Life Program, as he was the first certified trainer in Napa, and was instrumental in endorsing Jose for what would turn out to be his next professional challenge.

Jose joined the BStrong4Life Napa Valley Center Team as the Program Manager and Chief Trainer in July 2014. He now is in the perfect position to advance the healthy lifestyle he has embraced, and to coach and motivate others to live stronger, straighter and healthier. He is thrilled to be a source of positive input to patients and the community at large.

Jose can be reached at or 707-255-4424