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Patient-Centered Care

My clinical philosophy and application is best summed up as conservative. In many if not most cases, physical environment and lifestyle, coupled with a given patientís history of injury, past health history and genetic make-up determines their present state of being.

Clinical interventions that focus on improving each individualís lifestyle; including managing physical stress, ergonomics, activities, exercise, and diet should dominate our preferred approach.

Medication when needed, should be carefully utilized, and if possible, be a temporary bridge to permanent resolution of a given condition or symptom whenever possible. Surgery should be seriously evaluated as to long-term efficacy and used only when necessary. In other words, we should trust that when given the right inputs, the wisdom of the body has the potential to do great things. Healing comes from within, what we do, is try to help the process along. Carefully.

If the problem we are working on has gone too far, demanding a more invasive approach, then we proceed intelligently. In my experience, working with each patient to enable them to be as strong as possible prior to surgery, improves the outcome. In other words, even in cases demanding spinal or extremity procedures, the stronger, and more structurally sound the patient is prior to surgery, the better the outcome.

I comprehensively assess the structure and function of each patient to uncover the fundamental structural, bio-mechanical challenges producing pain, weakness, postural imbalance, or poor performance. I also screen for contraindications to treatment modalities, and gauge appropriateness of any and all interventions I provide or recommend.
  • Each patient completes an extensive health history, all pertinent records, tests, imaging etc. are reviewed
  • Physical examination includes visual and computer aided postural biomechanics evaluation, digital radiographic evaluation in upright, weight-bearing posture, standard orthopedic, neurologic testing, and as needed, referral for lab or imaging studies such as MRI, CT, DEXA
  • When all data is collected and understood, a report of findings consultation is completed with each patient
  • Based upon each individualís objectives, a treatment plan is developed and then implemented
We study the whole person; consider the wants and needs of each individual, and together formulate a plan to address each patientís unique problems. We know healthcare should be a partnership between patient and a team of doctors.
Once balance, strength and stability is achieved, we strive to teach patients how to stay that way, and enjoy life fully at whatever level they choose to work and play.
  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT)
  • Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Extremity Manipulation
  • Custom Orthotic Fitting
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Corrective Actions
  • Rehabilitation exercise (Spinal and Extremity)
    • Whole Body Vibration
    • Eccentric Training
    • High Intensity Short Duration Isometric Training and Osteogenic Loading

Dr. Scott J. Heun Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

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